The 65-year-old Sun mystery is being solved!

Solar Orbiter, The most complex mission ever sent to the Sun scientific laboratory bears the title of being. Scientists say Solar Orbiter six remote sensing devices and four embedded devices By combining the obtained observations, they hope to answer some deep questions. Now it’s complete for 65 years An ongoing solar mystery is being solved thanks to this ESA spacecraft.

What does the solar mystery mean?

The mystery in question the sun’s atmosphere why so much hot is. This “coronal heating problem” It has long puzzled astronomers. However parker Solar Probe with (NASA’s space probe) Solar Orbiter A joint operation between may eventually provide an answer to this mystery.

According to a new post from the European Space Agency (ESA). Solar Orbiter, Its location was recently changed to allow it to observe the Sun from a slightly different angle, and Parker Solar Probe with was subjected to a synchronous collaboration. ESA says this is based on measurements taken by Solar Orbiter’s Parker Solar Probe. synchronous He says it enabled it to happen, providing a groundbreaking measurement unlike anything that had been done before.

The Sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona, is extremely hot. Our Sun is a very large star, but its atmosphere is roughly one million degrees Celsius Perhaps this seems like an understatement, given that it was measured. Despite the obvious fact that the Sun’s atmosphere is hot, the mystery of why it is so hot has baffled scientists. Because The surface of the Sun is actually only 6,000 degrees Celsius.

They conquered the Moon, now it's the Sun's turn: India can't stop!

They conquered the Moon, now it’s the Sun’s turn: India can’t stop!

After its successful mission to the Moon, India has now set its sights on the Sun. Here are the details of India’s solar mission…

So the corona is somehow 150 times hotter than the surface. This coronal heating issue is at the heart of missions to study the Sun. While these tasks individually provide intriguing information, when working together they can provide even more in-depth measurements, which could eventually help us solve this intriguing mystery.

It is believed that there is a method of transferring energy to the plasma in the Sun’s atmosphere. But scientists have never been able to say exactly what it is. Now Solar Orbit, Now that it’s repositioned itself, it’s possible we’ll finally get more answers. Although the most successful solar mission ever is at risk, we can say that it will be worth it to solve this mystery.

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