The 20 Most Interesting-Sounding Phobias

Although we only know about certain phobias, people have a phobia of dancing, even laughing. We talked about the most interesting phobias in the world, which affect people’s daily lives to a great extent, and you can tell how people have phobias when you hear them.

The fear of anything is called a phobia. Of course, although it may seem simple at first glance, it should not be said that it is a phobia. People who have panic attacks because of the phobia they have having to limit their daily life there are people. No matter how many different phobias there are in the world, the fear of all of them is the same.

We’re all familiar with phobias of clowns, spiders, dark or holey things, but we’re all familiar with so many interesting things in the world, even feather tickling There are even types of phobias. We wanted to take a closer look at the strangest-sounding phobias among these types.

20 weird-sounding phobias

Fear of trying new things: Neophobia

Leaving the comfort zone to try new things and embark on new adventures is for everyone. in the first place it can be difficult. For people with neophobia, this situation does not get easier, it gets even more difficult. Neophobia is the name used for situations in which a person is abnormally afraid of new things. People with this phobia do not want to break away from their routines, they always want to live in their comfort zone. Neophobia is also does not allow him to experience new dishes.

Fear of rain: Ombrophobia


such as ombrophobia, hurricane, snow and storm phobias in the category of natural environmental phobias is located. People with ombrophobia are afraid of being caught in the rain outside, even if they are in a safe place, and are also afraid of rain outside. coming with the rain They are also extremely disturbed by events such as lightning strikes and thunder.

Fear of being deprived of a smartphone: Nomophobia

smart phone

Due to the ever-evolving technology, smartphones or computers that we are slowly becoming addicted, an inevitable fact. For people with nomophobia, this addiction is more common than normal people. much more serious can reach. Individuals with nomophobia are extremely uncomfortable with losing their smartphones, losing their battery and being in a place where the network is not receiving, and they live in constant fear because of this anxiety.

Fear of being buried alive: Taphephobia


Why should a man be afraid of being buried alive? what century do we live in you might think. We need not fear such a thing nowadays, but in the 18th century this was not the case at all. People with taphephobia, who were recorded at times when the plague was widespread, are afraid of doctors calling them dead and to death from being put in a coffin alive they were afraid.

Fear of seeing your own reflection in the mirror: Eisoptrophobia


Mirrors are an indispensable part of our daily life. After all, mirrors are the last place we look, both while preparing for somewhere and before leaving the door. Unfortunately, those who cannot look at mirrors as easily as we do, terrified of seeing their own reflections there are people. The full name of this fear is eisoptrophobia. For people with eisoptrophobia, seeing their own reflection in the mirror causes sadness, fear, embarrassment, and even depression.

Fear of cold: Phrygophobia


Phrygophobia, called the fear of cold, is an extremely common phobia, especially in China. This is because of the extremely common Ying Yang philosophy. cold cause heart and stomach pain is to be believed. People with this phobia do not want to be in cold places and believe that even a small cold makes them sick.

Fear of vomiting: Emetophobia


Nobody likes to vomit, but people with emetophobia, the fear of vomiting, I will constantly vomit lives in fear. People with this phobia avoid looking at most foods that will make them feel nauseous, and this reflects negatively on their eating habits.

Fear of adolescents: Ephebiphobia


It may sound ridiculous, but there are people who are afraid of young people, especially teenagers, who turn it into a phobia. People with ephebiphobia, adolescents thinks it’s uncontrollable and when they encounter them, they can experience very serious moments of panic.

Fear of chickens and chicken meat: Electrophobia


People with electrophobia are driven by chickens from being chased, pecked and being with them They are extremely uncomfortable and frightened. Because of this phobia, most people do not like to go to such places because they are afraid to encounter chicken meat in places such as restaurants or cafes.

Fear of balloons: Globophobia


Just like clowns, balloons are perfect for entertaining children, but the number of people who are afraid of balloons, which look extremely fun, is quite high. Because of the fear of balloons, called globophobia, people do not like to be where balloons are and because of the possibility of the bubble bursting at any moment. they experience moments of panic.

Fear of laughter: Geliophobia


Laughing and laughing is one of the things that raises our mood all of a sudden. laughing is good for our health shows. Unfortunately, people with gelophobia cannot enjoy laughing. For them, laughing or laughing is an extremely terrifying thing.

Fear of all animals: Zoophobia


Some people are specifically afraid of insects, snakes, or dogs. However, people with zoophobia of all animals found in nature they live in fear. In some people, this phobia leads to much more serious dimensions and because of the fear of encountering animals on the street, most people can’t leave the house becomes.

Fear of dancing: Korophobia


You may not be one of those people who love to dance, which we see on the floor at parties, various celebrations, it is your own choice, but where dancing turns out of choice and turns into fear there is a phobia: chorophobia. People with chorophobia are extremely afraid of dancing – even if they have dance talents – and avoid going to places where they are danced just because of it.

Fear of work: Ergophobia


Ergophobia, in simple words fear of work It means. people with this phobia is fond of freedom and they hate going to work to work, spending hours at work. Most individuals with ergophobia prefer to stay at home rather than work because of this fear.

Fear of falling in love: Philophobia


Philophobia is the name given to the fear of falling in love with anyone. It is unknown in the scientific world what causes philophobia, but people with this phobia fear that I will fall in love. from communicating with people He is afraid of sharing private things with them.

Fear of the sun: Heliophobia


Fear of exposure to sunlight or direct sun heliophobia is called. People with this phobia like to get things done at night instead of during the daytime, sort of. vampire life they live.

Fear of relatives: Syngenesophobia


Although it is difficult to write and read, we think that most people can easily understand what syngenesophobia, the fear of relatives, means. People with this phobia avoid meeting with relatives. don’t just hatealso fears.

Fear of being tickled by feathers: Pteronophobia


No one likes to be tickled, even though we start laughing unintentionally when tickled. People with pterenophobia especially from being tickled with feathersIn general, feathers are hated. At the same time, this phobia causes the person to fear birds.

Fear of Friday the 13th: Paraskavedekatriaphobia

13. Friday

As you know, the number 13 is used in many cultures. bad luck It is believed to have brought The fact that Friday coincides with the 13th of the month is called a complete nightmare. To the fear of people who are seriously afraid of this day, who think that Friday the 13th will bring a curse. paraskavedekatriaphobia is named.

Fear of peanut butter sticking to the palate: Arachibutyrophobia

peanut butter

We wanted to close our list with one of the weirdest-sounding phobias. You didn’t read wrong from peanut butter sticking to the palate There are people who are seriously afraid. Peanut butter is not as common in our country as it is especially in the USA, but people living there are quite wary of accidentally eating peanut butter, which is found in most sandwiches.

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