The 2 Diet Is More Effective Than The Traditional Diet

Intermittent fasting can be a much more effective diet than a traditional diet, according to a new study from the UK. The study also shows that the effectiveness of this diet can be heightened with the help of a counselor.

Many people who want to lose their extra weight have started to apply to the 5:2 diet, especially in recent years. Within the scope of this diet, also known as intermittent fasting, people can eat whatever they want, provided that they do not miss more than 5 days a week. But their usual caloric diet for two days a week. only 25% they consume. In other words, an average of 500 – 600 calories are consumed two days a week.

Some of the research to date has revealed that this type of diet is not advantageous over the traditional diet for long-term weight loss. However, some studies show that this type of diet is better than the traditional diet. better results it was showing. The result of one of the studies supporting the 5:2 diet was recently reported. It was published.

300 people were divided into 3 groups:

In their new study, researchers from Queen Mary University in the United Kingdom have revealed a reason that might lead people to an intermittent fasting diet. In the study conducted with 300 obese people, three groups were examined. The first group followed the traditional supervised diet, the second group followed the unsupervised 5:2 diet, and the third group followed the 5:2 supervised diet. In counseled groups, participants could ask questions to experts and get support from them.

The three groups, followed for one year, showed the results of the study when one year was completed. Average weight loss was observed in each group. traditional diet group 15% of respondentshave lost at least 5% of their body weight.


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Participants in the 5:2 group lost more weight than on the traditional diet. Those in the unsupervised group at least 18% while losing 5% of body weight, this rate was much higher in the counseled group. Following the 5:2 diet with counselors 28% of the group lost at least 5% of weight. It was also found that those in the 5:2 group were more willing to continue the diet. The study showed how effective the 5:2 diet can be under supervision.

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