The 13 Biggest Tsunamis Ever Recorded

Modern life and technology are developing day by day. However, in some cases, even technology that has developed and continues to evolve can be helpless. One of the best examples of situations in which he is helpless is natural disasters, when it is difficult to predict.

In Turkey, due to the fact that we do not have a coast to any ocean. very low incidence Tsunamis, which are in the category of natural disasters, are mostly the result of other natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or landslides. 80% Pacific Tsunamis that occur in the ocean can be briefly defined as the formation of giant waves as a result of events under the ocean or seas.

According to a recent report by the United Nations, the tsunami will take place in about 10 years. half of the world’s population It is said to reach threatening proportions. Due to the changing climate balance and therefore the triggering of natural disasters, countries such as Japan, where earthquakes and tsunamis occur frequently, are trying to develop in the field of earthquake engineering.

We have compiled the largest tsunamis recorded in countries with coastlines to the ocean, especially in Japan.

The 13 Biggest Tsunamis Ever Recorded

  • Lituya Bay, Alaska
  • St Helens, USA Tsunami
  • Vajont Dam, Italy
  • Unzen, Japan Tsunami
  • Ryukyu Islands, Japan Tsunami
  • Aletiuan Island, Alaska Tsunami
  • Krakatau, Indonesia Tsunami
  • Tohoku, Japan Tsunami
  • Sanriku, Japan Tsunami
  • Lisbon, Portugal Tsunami
  • Tsunami in Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Nankaido, Japan Tsunami
  • Arica, Peru / Chile Tsunami

Arica, Peru / Chile Tsunami


At that time to the city of Peru, today it is chilean near Arica, which was founded in 1868 8.5 to 9.3 A devastating earthquake occurred between magnitudes and caused almost all of Peru to be razed to the ground. Approximately 70,000 people He died as a result of the earthquake and the tsunami that followed. Many ships were wrecked. About 73 minutes after the earthquake 16 meters One of the largest tsunami waves ever recorded occurred.

Nankaido, Japan Tsunami


Throughout history, due to its location on the world exposed to many tsunamis In Japan, in 1707 the most destructive One of the tsunamis occurred. On October 28, 1707, with the 8.4 magnitude earthquake, tsunamis were seen in most cities on the Pacific coast. The length of the largest wave seen in the earthquake and tsunami, which cost the lives of 30,000 people in the regions where it is lived, is approximately 26 meters has been.

Tsunami in Sumatra, Indonesia


The recent 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, 9.1 to 9.3 It has been one of the largest earthquakes recorded in the history of the world, with a devastating magnitude. the world 1 centimeter movement The earthquake, which was so long and devastating that it lasted about 10 minutes, has been seen so far. longest lasting is an earthquake.

Although it is generally referred to as the Indian Ocean earthquake, Indonesia was the most damaged country. After the earthquake to 30 meters tsunami waves were observed. More than 230 thousand people lost their lives.

Lisbon, Portugal Tsunami


On November 1, 1755, in Lisbon, Portugal, which is known as the largest earthquake in history and is the fourth largest city in Europe. 8.5 size an earthquake occurred. After the earthquake, the tsunami and fires surrounding the city began to occur. As a result of the fire, almost all the settlements in Lisbon were destroyed. If the tsunami With waves up to 30 meters Together they struck most cities on the west coast of Portugal and southern Spain.

Sanriku, Japan Tsunami


The 1896 Sanriku earthquake, one of the most devastating seismic events in the history of Japan, 8.5 size has taken place. After the earthquake, the tsunami, which is said to be much larger than the earthquake predicted by seismologists, began to occur. Approximately 40 meters The tsunami, which was experienced with the waves, destroyed many houses and 22,000 people led to his death.

Tohoku, Japan Tsunami

tohoku tsunami

of japan In the northeastern province of Miyagi, known as Tohoku, on March 11, 2011 size 9 an earthquake followed by a large-scale, devastating tsunami. Earthquake experienced around the world 5 biggest earthquakes between them was announced. After the earthquake to 40 meters The tsunami took place with the huge waves reaching and thousands of people were harmed as a result of this tsunami. Even today, it is said that there are still people lost as a result of the tsunami and cannot be found.

Krakatau, Indonesia Tsunami


Although tsunamis are mostly caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions can also cause tsunamis. An example of this occurred on August 27, 1883, in Indonesia. In Indonesia’s Krakatau Volcano volcanic eruption As a result, 165 villages were burned and approximately 36,000 people lost their lives in the tsunami that followed. If tsunami waves over 30 meters It caused huge waves.

Aletiuan Island, Alaska Tsunami

Aletuan island

On April 1, 1946, an earthquake struck Alaska’s Aleutian Islands. As a result of this earthquake Effective across the Pacific a tsunami was triggered. As a result of the tsunami that created huge waves, besides the loss of life, there was also great damage to the material. of $26 million After the tsunami, which caused financial loss, especially the city of Hilo, which belongs to the Island of Hawaii, became one of the places that suffered the most damage.

Ryukyu Islands, Japan Tsunami

ryukyu islands

On April 24, 1771, Japanese Pacific Ocean on the Ryukyu Islands 7.4 magnitude The earthquake caused extensive damage, including to the surrounding islands. As a result of the tsunami that killed approximately 12,000 people 86 meters waves were formed.

Unzen, Japan Tsunami


The Unzen earthquake and tsunami in 1792, just like the Krakatau tsunami in Indonesia, caused the Unzen mountain in Japan to from volcanic activities caused by the explosion. Although the tsunami is thought to be most likely caused by a volcanic eruption, the exact cause is unknown. However, the resulting tsunami created such huge waves that megatsunami entered his class. waves 100 meters found and caused great damage.

Vajont Dam, Italy


On the date of launch world’s tallest dam Having the title of Vajont Dam, it went down in history as an engineering disaster because no security measures were taken around the dam. And as a result of failed engineering, it’s the worst in history. one of the dam disasters it happened. On October 9, 1963, a rock fell into the lake from a mountain near the dam. 250 meters one of the largest tsunami waves ever seen. As a result of this disaster, most of the houses near the dam are destroyed and approximately 2,000 people lose their lives.

St Helens, USA Tsunami

to the list, volcanic eruption We continue with another tsunami that resulted. On March 27, 1980, St. A volcanic eruption began on Mount Helens. As a result of the explosions, a large part of the mountain collapsed. The resulting landslide began to flow suddenly towards Spirit Lake, which was next to the mountain. If this landslide towards the lake megatsunami It caused huge waves that entered the class. So much so that the biggest tsunami wave 260 meters He is said to have found

Lituya Bay, Alaska

lithuya tsunami

world’s largest The tsunami that occurred in Lituya Bay in 1958, recorded as the Eiffel Tower, was about twice the size of the Eiffel Tower. to 600 meters caused waves. In the formation of such a large tsunami, in Lituya Bay in Alaska 8.3 magnitude earthquake was effective. As a result of the earthquake, a 90 million-ton rock was triggered to break and fall. Also because the boulder fell into Lituya Bay. megatsunami A tsunami has occurred.

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