The #1 Whale Of The Hot Altcoin Sent 1 Million Coins To Binance!

The altcoin, which has made a name for itself with its recent rise to Aptos (APT) number one whale, cryptocurrency exchange has transferred a large amount of coins to Binance.

The whale wallet nicknamed “Aptos1” sent 1 million APT to Binance, which corresponds to $17.1 million.

Why Did Whale Send Altcoins to Binance?

This transfer brought to mind the question, “Did the Aptos Foundation sell coins after the price increase of the altcoin?”

  • The whale could sell 1 million APT coins on Binance, potentially causing a price drop in the altcoin’s value.
  • Or the whale can hold the coins and wait for the price to rise further before selling.
  • The whale in question can use the coins for margin trading or lending on Binance.
  • Whale can transfer coins to a private wallet for long-term holding or as part of a portfolio diversification strategy.
  • The whale may have transferred the coins as part of a coordinated effort with other major holders to manipulate the market and push the price up or down.
  • Whale can use the transferred coins to buy other cryptocurrencies on Binance.
  • The whale may have been a market maker and transferred the coins to manipulate the market.
  • Whale may have transferred the coin to Binance for further trading with liquidity and other cryptocurrencies.
Blockchain data showing the coins that the whale belonging to the APT coin sent to Binance.

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It should be noted that these are only possibilities and it is not possible to know for certain what the intention of the whale was.

*Not investment advice.

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