“That pisses me off” – BILD explains the new Hoeneß anger – Bundesliga

Hoffenheim in crisis mode again!

After a good start (4 points from the first 2 games) there was against Mainz (0: 2) the second bankruptcy in a row for the Kraichgauer. Only 8,427 spectators came to the discouraged appearance.

After the game, coach Sebastian Hoeneß (39) broke his collar: “It’s about performing against such teams on the pitch. We didn’t do that – and that pisses me off. I’m not disappointed, I’m pissed off that we presented ourselves that way. “

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Unusual, because Hoeneß was actually not known for verbal freaking out.

BILD explains the Hoeneß explosion!

Hoffenheim had already conceded a lot of goals last season, especially in the first half – 31 was a negative league record. In fact, Hoeneß had set a special focus here during the summer break and wanted to fix the problem.

He also wants to nip the mischief in the bud. Last season the lack of discipline in the team was a big issue, which Hoeneß got under control late on.

BILD knows: Now he’s hitting the table faster internally. A clear message: If you arrive late for training, you will not participate in the training.