TFF Announces Penalty of Referee Using Bitcoin in Derby!

Bitcoin marked the Fenerbahçe Beşiktaş derby played last week.

It was on the agenda that the referee, Arda Brothers, who was in charge of the derby, used Bitcoin money during the coin toss for the goal-ball selection before the match.

Statement after the match Turkish Football Federation (TFF) stated that they were not aware of this situation and that an investigation was launched on the subject.

In the statement made by the TFF, “Our Federation has opened an investigation regarding the incident in question, which we strongly oppose. We respectfully present it to the information of the public.” it was said.

The Decision Has Been Determined

The referee awarded Arda Kardeşler “15 deprivation of rights” for using the representative Bitcoin money during the TFF toss.

The following statements were included in the statement:

“Due to the decision of the Super League Referee ARDA KARDESLER dated 09.05.2022 of the Central Arbitration Committee and the action subject to the dispatch of the Legal Counsel dated 13.05.2022, the 40/1. Article and 25/2 of the Football Disciplinary Instruction. It was decided that he would be punished with 15 DAYS OF INFRINGEMENT, pursuant to Article

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