Texas Barrier to Celsius Network’s Stablecoin Sale

Bankrupt crypto company Celcius Network is demanding debt from its creditors, while Texas law officials are opposing the sale of stablecoins for Celcius’ payment scheme.

Texas state agencies recently filed for bankruptcy over Celcius’ stablecoin sales. The bankrupt cryptocurrency firm Celsius Network’s plan to sell stablecoin assets to pay for ongoing operations has been challenged, according to a new court filing. Thursday, September 29 In the objection request, the stablecoin sale permission in question disturbingly wide-ranging was stated.

The case against Celcius is currently pending in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. If the case is successful, Celcius will be able to sell stablecoin assets to combat the ongoing crisis conditions. Potential sale of stablecoins 6 OctoberIt is scheduled to take place during a trial in New York in . Celcius about the sale in question. 23 million dollars is considered to be worth a return.

On the other hand, the struggling Celcius company continues to demand debts from its creditors as it seeks new alternatives for salvation. According to another recent court filing, Celcius is a FinTech company. Equities Firstto themselves still 439 million dollars debt reported that. Having a hard time, the company is waiting for an explanation from its creditors as to why its debts have not been paid.

It is known that FTX, which recently bought Voyager Digital, is interested in buying the remaining assets of Celcius on the one hand.

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