Tether (USDT) Could Bankrupt Even in a 0.03 Percent Loss in Reserves

It was stated that if the liabilities of stablecoin issuer Tether are greater than its assets, the amount of equity will not be enough to prevent a possible liquidation.

Does not provide the necessary transparency to its investors about its reserves. TetherAfter the Terra Luna case, he often came to the fore with his reserves. Although it informs its investors that its reserves are strong at every opportunity, Tether is among the investors. consensus of trust looks like he didn’t get it. WSJ about the topic August 27 in its report dated Tether reserves “pretty fragile” mentioned as.

In the article, Tether’s USDT It was stated that the reserves are quite fragile and in a possible crisis, the own funds will not be enough to prevent this outrage. August 25 Based on the audit report published on $67.7 billionif your obligations $67.5 billion stated that it corresponds. In this case, its assets are only less than its liabilities. 191 million Tether, which has a surplus of dollars, will be experienced in its reserves. 0.03% your a loss bankruptcy of the company He said it could lead to

Tether, which has recently come to the fore with its content apart from the amount of its reserves, to Chinese financing bills has persistently rejected the claims that it has included it in its reserves and to its investors, 2022 reserves by the end of the year. completely free from debt instruments had promised.

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