Tests for Starlink on the plane have started! Here is the first airline

Starlink, which is frequently on the agenda in Russia’s invasion attempt against Ukraine, is expected in many countries of the world. One of the sectors that want to use this service, which is not limited to the end user, is airline companies. Announcing that it was meeting with several airlines in July last year, SpaceX announced that Starlink can be integrated into aircraftHe stated that the work on it is ongoing.

A few months ago, approval was sought from the FCC in order to offer Starlink service on moving vehicles such as airplanes, boats and trucks. According to the report by The Wall Street Journal, it has not yet been approved by the FCC, but Testing Starlink on airplanes allowed.

Inflation also affected the space: Starlink internet prices have skyrocketed!

How much are Starlink internet prices? Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX has updated prices for the satellite internet Starlink.

Speaking at a panel in March, SpaceX’s vice president did not give any clues about when Starlink in-flight Wi-Fi will arrive. However, according to SpaceNews, the company, which continues its tests on airplanes, is preparing to offer a service in a way that each passenger can broadcast. Considering that many flights have 200 or more passengers, this means quite high internet speeds.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian said the airline was in preliminary talks with SpaceX. While it is stated that the tests have started at the moment, it is not known how the tests are carried out and how long it will take for Delta to offer this service to passengers. As we have just mentioned, even if everything is ready, there are permissions to be obtained from the authorities.

Currently, Delta’s in-flight Wi-Fi service is managed by satellite internet company Viasat, which also provides some services for United and American.

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