Tesla’s Vehicle Access Features Could Be Updated

A new update will be coming to Tesla’s smartphone app soon. It is thought that new features will be added to the vehicle access system with the update.

Tesla’s car-sharing feature has been in the works for several years. In April 2020, the company announced that it will allow primary vehicle owners to add drivers and gain access to the vehicle. “Vehicle Access” announced the feature. After the regular production of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, it started to be developed rapidly. car sharing feature continues to be improved.

By a Twitter account that shared about Tesla’s updates, the company will be updated soon used in the smartphone application; This system, which provides vehicle sharing between drivers, new features It was suggested that it could be added.

Vehicle Access Feature Can Be Updated

According to Tesla’s statement, it makes it easier for Tesla owners to share their vehicles. ‘Car Access’ for an additional driver access permission Allows adding and removing. Any drivers, roadside assistance, or various Tesla upgrades added to the account excluding purchase, found in the Tesla app and “locking and unlocking the vehicle” all the features like actively can use. Twitter account “Tesla_App_iOS”, which announces its new software by following the updates in Tesla’s Smartphone application. sharing to the application more rumors that the car sharing feature will be added the emergence of provided.

Here are the features included in the update:

“Version 4.3.1 has been released and here’s what we found:
-Sharing your Tesla vehicle with others
-Entity for car sharing
-Ridesharing related endpoints

This update is about that, if we find anything else we’ll add it to this thread! Goodnight!”


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