Tesla’s Autonomous Driving System Couldn’t See the Big Train [Video]

Tesla’s autonomous driving system almost caused a fatal accident. The system, which could not detect the train route in foggy weather, did not react when the train passed. The accident was prevented by the driver’s sudden reflex.

Tesla’s FSD, which is shown as one of the best autonomous driving systems in the world, this time a fatal accident came to the fore. The autonomous driving system used in foggy weather could not see the train in front of it. The driver’s sudden reflex, helped him escape the accident.

There is no information about which version of FSD is used in the images served on social media. no statement made. However, we can easily say that FSD is still a system you can trust 100 percent. not.

Here are the moments when FSD did not see the train passing by

As you can see in the video above, Tesla’s autonomous driving system, he definitely can’t see the train track. However, it is also worth noting that; Recently, there was no report that Tesla’s autonomous driving system did not see the train track. The issue here is probably the weather conditions. Extremely foggy weather makes it difficult to detect railway lights. made it difficult.


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Tesla has no comment on the matter. did not make a statement. However, we will inform you again if this incident is investigated.

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