Tesla Full Self-Driving disappointed this time

CNN Business transportation editor Michael Ballaban, Developed by Tesla Full Self-Driving tried the technology. Transferring his experience in the video, Ballaban stated that the system is not working stable yet.

Tesla Full Self-Driving is not stable enough

Yet In beta process Ballaban, who toured the streets of New York with Full Self-Driving technology, Full Self-Driving, had to take control in some places due to the dangerous decisions made by the vehicle.

Some analysts state that it is not correct for the company to give the name Full Self-Driving to the system developed by the company. Underlining that this name can mislead users, analysts say that artificial intelligence technologies are not yet fully ready for level 5 autonomous driving.


Working stably when there is no obstacle on the road, Full Self-Driving needs human intervention especially when pedestrians and cyclists appear. In the published video, Full Self-Driving, noticing a bicycle, unnecessarily avoided the bicycle and brought the driver face to face with the truck.

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