Tesla Established Plant on Tribal Lands

Tesla chose an interesting method in tackling a ban he faced in New Mexico. Tesla, who could not open the service center he wanted to open because he was against the state law, opened a center in the tribal lands that were exempt from the state law.

Laws enforced in the US state of New Mexico bans direct sales to consumers in the state. This strange ban causes car owners to go to different states for car maintenance or any service. In addition to the harm it causes to the consumer, the ban also means a problem for automobile manufacturers.

However, with a cunning move that took advantage of the flaw in the system, Tesla managed to circumvent this ban and open a service center in New Mexico. company to open the center tribal lands choosed. Tesla will also provide support for some social issues to the tribe, on whose territory he opened a facility.

Tribal lands are not subject to state law:

The source of this situation, which allows Tesla to open a service center in New Mexico, is the fact that tribal lands are exempt from state laws. Turning this situation into an opportunity in cooperation with the Nambe tribe, Tesla has managed to neutralize the state law by opening a facility within the tribal lands. Tesla’s new service center is in the area A huge 7,000 square meter facility and it means a lot of convenience for Tesla owners living in the state.


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Nambe Pueblo Governor Phillip Perez and other officials emphasized the importance of electric vehicles in the fight against the climate crisis and the role of Tesla in the development. ‘a historic moment’ qualifies as. Tesla will also contribute to the development of the region in a different way by providing scholarships to support the education of children in the Nambe tribe.

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