Terra (LUNA) Receives $200M AVAX

Terra’s nonprofit Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), which has been on the agenda with its constant bitcoin purchases lately, has received $100 million AVAX with its local stablecoins UST.

Last month, Do Kwon, co-founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, said in a statement. TerraUSD will accumulate $10 billion in bitcoin as its reserve had said. The company has now come to the fore with AVAX acquisitions.

Luna Foundation Guard, Received $100M AVAX with UST and Terra’s developer company, Terraform Labs,100 million dollars LUNA-AVAX traded. In this way, the total purchase reached 200 million dollars.

It is stated that Terra made these purchases for UST reserves.

Luna Foundation Guard’s (LFG) bitcoin at the moment 35,767,98073016 There is BTC. For now, it is a matter of curiosity whether the company, which has purchased AVAX for 200 million dollars, will continue these purchases.

The volume of Terra’s native token LUNA is the latest according to CoinMarketCap data. 4.6% in 24 hours experienced a decline. It is thought that the minor correction in bitcoin had an effect on the realization of this decline.

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