Terra (LUNA) CEO’s $39.6M Crypto Assets Frozen By South Korea: Do Kwon Denies Again

South Korean prosecutors confiscated $39.6 million worth of crypto assets in Terraform Labs wallets, known to belong to CEO Do Kwon.

In the past weeks, South Korean authorities have exchanged cryptocurrencies. OKX and KuCoinfrom Do Kwon about $67 million worth 3,313 Bitcoins (BTC) He asked for ice cream. After this news Kucoin meeting the demand 1,354 BitcoinsHe declared that he had frozen. Likewise, the amount of transfer specified in OKX has been realized and related accounts are frozen. reported.

Prosecutors in South Korea have frozen 56.2 billion won ($39.6 million) of crypto assets known to belong to Do Kwon, CEO of Terraform Labs, the firm behind the Luna stablecoin project, local sources reported.

Do Kwon reacted to the topic twitter made the following statements:

I would like to state once again that I do not use Kucoin and OKX. I don’t have time to trade and funds are not frozen. I don’t know whose fund they froze, but well done to them, I hope they use it for good.

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