Terra Founder Do Kwon Breaks His Silence: He Said He’s Not Running, He Made Fun!

Do Kwon, who is claimed to be responsible for the events that took place in May and resulted in the collapse of the Terra ecosystem worth approximately 80 billion dollars, published a new statement on Twitter.

After the arrest warrant was issued in South Korea, where the famous name is a citizen, the Singapore police also made a statement. Singaporean authorities stated in their statement that Kwon was not in the country.

Terra Founder Do Kwon Posted a Message Via Twitter

However, Terra founder Kwon angered users by making fun of his messages on Twitter.

Kwon responded to allegations that he was “running” by saying that he “did not run, but could run to lose some weight”.

The developer said in the thread he shared on Twitter:

“Dear cryptocurrency Twitter community, I will tell you what I am doing and where I am in the following situations:

1) If we become friends

2) If we have plans to meet

3) If we are involved in a gps-based web3 game

Otherwise you don’t need to know my GPS coordinates.

I really don’t understand why the opposite is possible, consider for yourself whether you would be offended by the same level of privacy breach.

I am not a “runaway” or anything like that for any government agency that has an interest in communicating, we are fully cooperating and have nothing to hide.

We are in the process of defending ourselves in multiple jurisdictions, have held ourselves to an extremely high level of integrity, and look forward to clarifying the truth over the next few months.

Thank you.”

*Not investment advice.

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