Terra Classic Price Rises: Why Did It Rise?

Terra Classic (LUNC), which has many victims in the crypto money market, has attracted attention with its rising performance for a few days.

With the collapse in May last year, it caused a great wound in the crypto money market. Terra ecosystem local cryptocurrency LUNC, almost in 2 days to 32% showed a close uptrend. LUNC, 0.0000843 With the rise it experienced starting from the dollar levels, 0.000111 up to dollars reaching Investors wondered what the performance depended on.

Why is the LUNC rising?

made on June 3 by a LUNC-linked Twitter account. in the announcementOne from the upgrade suggestion mentioned. Minimum commission of validators by post to 5% raise offer, on June 7 submitted and accepted on 14 June will be approved. This offer, if approved, is available on the Terra Classic blockchain. third largest There will be development.

Terra Classic of the main purpose of the upgrade, Cosmos (ATOM) same as blockchains such as balance was stated. Also with other blockchains to the same balance by bringing Terra Classic to attract more attention and make it safe arrive is aimed.

On the other hand, JESUSisLORD, a LUNC validator, over 1 dollar He presented a proposal to the community, which he claimed would lead to the emergence of The proposal is to switch exchanges off-chain in trading. 1.2% burn rate includes extensive work on persuasion. However, this offer probability of being approved looks low.

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