Tens of thousands of video cards work for ChatGPT!

While Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI in 2019, it also agreed to build a cutting-edge supercomputer for its artificial intelligence research initiative. In order to handle the ever-expanding system of OpenAI, the huge supercomputer put forward by Microsoft leaves mouths open with its technology.

Microsoft supports OpenAI system with tens of thousands of graphics cards

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is working on artificial intelligence programs that have increasingly larger volumes of data and learn more parameters. OpenAI’s AI applications also need to depend on powerful cloud computing services for long periods of time. So it took a lot of effort from Microsoft to get OpenAI to work at full capacity.

To meet this challenge, Microsoft brought together tens of thousands of NVIDIA A100 graphics cards. At the same time, it was necessary to find a solution for the extra energy load that thousands of chips would bring. Although Microsoft did not reveal an exact cost figure for this supercomputer, the expressions “more than a few hundred million” were used. This description better explains the power of the system behind OpenAI.

From Baidu comes the chatbot that will rival ChatGPT!

From Baidu comes the chatbot that will rival ChatGPT!

Chinese technology company Baidu will introduce the chatbot named WiseAI, which will be ChatGPT competitor on March 16! Here are the details…

The artificial intelligence supercomputer that Microsoft has put together requires a pool of interconnected graphics processing units in one place. The company also benefits from graphics units distributed over 60 data center regions. With its latest statement, Microsoft stated that it will further develop this system. Accordingly, the company will now use NVIDIA’s H100 graphics cards and the latest version of Infiniband network technology.

The company aims to make more OpenAI and systems faster by renewing this huge supercomputer. Microsoft, on the other hand, has decided to use the same resources it has created for OpenAI to develop and run its own major AI models, including the new Bing search bot introduced last month. The company also plans to market this system to other artificial intelligence companies.

OpenAI’s chatbot has attracted millions of people with its launch in the past months. After ChatGPT, which reveals the latest point of artificial intelligence technology, large companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google are also going to develop their own artificial intelligence systems.

We wonder what awaits us in the future, with large companies leaning more towards artificial intelligence technology recently. So what do you think about tens of thousands of graphics cards working behind OpenAI and artificial intelligence technology? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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