Temporary workers at airports? Plan meets with mixed echo in Turkey

Queue at the airport in Dusseldorf

There is a lack of staff at German airports.

(Photo: IMAGO/Kirchner Media)

Istanbul The federal government’s plans to use workers from Turkey at German airports have met with mixed reactions in Turkey. This would offer people good career opportunities, said Seckin Kocak, chief of the union for workers in the aviation sector Hava-Sen, on Friday.

Turkey’s aviation authority, on the other hand, had condemned the plans: some countries were working on “stopping our country’s rise in the aviation industry” by hiring Turkish specialists, according to a statement from the authority, without specifically mentioning Germany.

Kocak sharply criticized the agency’s stance, calling the statement “embarrassing.” Those responsible could not prove that the country was actually harmed. Turkey lacks pilots and qualified technicians, but not ground staff. There is even an oversupply. Kocak believes that Turkey could gain “prestige” if Turkish workers were deployed in German airports.

In order to alleviate the problems with handling at German airports, ground handling service providers want to recruit staff from Turkey in particular. The speech was last of about 1000 workers.

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