Technological products coming to A101 this Thursday!

The number of electronic devices sold in retail companies and the demand from consumers are increasing day by day. A101, on the other hand, says that with its more than 10 thousand stores, it actively sells in 81 cities and almost all districts. Therefore, when the technological products we want to buy arrive, we can go to the nearest A101 branch and buy them.

Technological products to be sold by A101

These retail stores, which sold a few technological devices alongside normal products in the past, now dedicate certain days of each month to technology products and issue special catalogs. A101, on the other hand, shared the technological products it will bring on February 2.

When we look at the technological products catalogs sold by A101 to date, we see that there are vehicles such as smart television, telephone, white goods, small household appliances, motorcycles and boats. This time, similar products will be sold.

Here are the technological products that will be sold by A101 on February 2:

  • 4.95 m Samba Deluxe cabin fiber boat: 109 thousand TL
  • Samsung 58 inch 4K TV: 13 thousand 999 TL
  • Onvo 42 inch FHD TV: 3 thousand 899 TL
  • Lenovo N4120 4/128 GB notebook: 5 thousand 499 TL
  • Redmi 9C 3/64: 3 thousand 999 TL
  • SEG refrigerator: 8 thousand 799 TL
  • SEG washing machine 5 thousand 799 TL
  • SEG dishwasher: 4 thousand 799 TL
  • Flavel office type refrigerator: 2 thousand 499 TL
  • Flavel freezer: 2 thousand 799 TL
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart AirFryer: 3 thousand 99 TL
  • Schafer mixer: 1,599 tL
  • Kiwi electric coffee pot: 199 TL
  • Kiwi waffle maker: 299 TL

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