Teachers’ Day in the World is on October 5, Why is it on November 24 for Us?

Teacher’s Day is a day celebrated all over the world. So why can we celebrate this special day on November 24, with a different preference than most countries in the world?

As you know, Teachers’ Day is a celebration day where various activities are organized to honor those who practice the teaching profession. we have on 24 November It is celebrated in many countries every year since 1994. on October 5th is celebrated.

Because on October 5, the “Special Intergovernmental Conference on the Status of Teachers” held in Paris in 1966 came to an end. UNESCO It is the anniversary of the unanimous adoption of the “Teachers’ Status Recommendation” by the ILO with its representatives. So what makes our country different?

The 24th of November, when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk became the head teacher, was declared as Teachers’ Day by Kenan Evren.

In 1981, which was declared the Year of Atatürk, 12 September Military Administration It is an application started by It was announced one year after the coup. President of the period, General General, who declared 24 November as Teacher’s Day. Kenan Evren, addressed the teachers in the first 24 November congratulatory message: “Dear Teachers, May 24th not only be remembered as Teachers’ Day, but also be the day of the realization of the ideals of Atatürk, the greatest teacher. Also, this is the day of the oath that tomorrow’s Turkish children will be raised in unity, togetherness and integrity as Atatürk longed for. On this occasion, I wish you all a happy and bright future and offer you all my love.”

November 24, 1928 is the day when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, accepted the “Head Teacher of the Nation Schools”.

national school

Council of Ministers to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk “National Schools Head Teacher” He gave his title at the meeting held on 11 November 1928 and this title became official with the publication of the National Schools Regulation on 24 November.

In 1981, the 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s birth, it was decided to celebrate the anniversary of his becoming a “head teacher” as Teachers’ Day across the country.

ataturk 24 november

It was published in the Official Gazette on February 26, 1981. “Teachers’ Day Celebration Regulation” The aims of the Teacher’s Day, the duties, authorities and responsibilities of the celebration committees and the principles regarding the celebration day were determined.

According to their own cultural and historical characteristics, school holidays different dates in various countries It is designated as Teacher’s Day. For example, in 12 Arab countries (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Morocco, Qatar, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Oman, Jordan, Yemen) February 28 is celebrated as Teachers’ Day every year. On the last Friday of October in Australia, on March 28 in the Czech Republic, on September 5 in India, on May 2 in Iran, on May 16 in Malaysia, on July 6 in Peru, Slovakia It is celebrated on March 28.


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