TCL has canceled Project Chicago foldable phone project!

TCL, foldable phone to the market Project Chicago He was planning to drive a device with the project he named. In particular, the prototypes that he has put forward recently created expectations. However, the company’s ongoing process on this path did not end well due to some problems.

As the reason for TCL’s withdrawal from the market Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3It is among the claims that the release of . It is thought that one of the reasons for this is that the company has not been able to reveal a cheap and competitive device that can meet these phones.

Images of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 leaked to the press

The Galaxy Z Flip 3, which has been on the agenda for a long time, has finally appeared. Photos showing both the front and back of the phone have leaked.

TCL believes it’s not the right time yet for a foldable phone

Stefan Strait, Head of Marketing, TCL“If someone can spend $800, they can spend $1,000. Users will likely go to the brand they have known and trusted for years.” made his speeches.

TCL cancels Project Chicago foldable phone project
TCL foldable phone prototypes

TCL also due to chip shortage Project Chicago named foldable phone He stated that it was not the right time for his project. This particular decision Samsung‘Fame unpacked announced that it was taken long before the event.

CNET had received a prototype unit from the company

CNET recently acquired a prototype unit from the company. This indicated that the device was getting close to being ready for production. Strait, TCLat least the next 12-18 months market in the range foldable phone Confirmed it won’t last. However, he made a point here. The company’s Project Chicago will present a new device design when his project is reconsidered.

TCL, all this foldable phone to consumers in different categories and price ranges upon their explanations. 5G announced that it plans to present the devices. He added that they will continue to play a role in the 5G initiative for all.

Will TCL launch its foldable phones in the future?

TCL, Project Chicago named after foldable phone He believes there is still a future for him. He doesn’t see it as a failure. However, he emphasizes that the masses do not expect such an initiative from the company yet.

You TCL‘of foldable phone What do you think about his statements about the market? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us!