Taxi Control Center to be Established in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decided to establish a center for the inspection of taxis at the July 15 Martyrs Bus Station. The inspection place, which will be named as the Public Transport Control Center, will ensure that all taxis are inspected for 24 hours via the i-taxi application.

The biggest problem of Istanbul, Turkey’s largest metropolitan city taxi It’s a fact known to everyone. While the addressees of the subject could not determine who was at fault, a new decision was made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council. According to this decision taken in Istanbul for inspection of taxis A center will be established.

The new center, called the Public Transport Control Center, was developed by İSPARK a while ago. i-taxi It will make the application called functional and enable the inspection of taxis. The inspection center established at the Martyrs Bus Station on July 15 will ensure that all taxis in Istanbul are meticulously examined. Thus, between taxi driver and passengers problems will be avoided.

24/7 uninterrupted supervision

According to the information received, the inspection to be carried out at the center at the Martyrs Bus Station on July 15 will be carried out for 24 hours. without interruption to be continued. In the inspections to be carried out with the cameras to be placed inside and outside the taxis, possible complaints of the citizens will be followed immediately. In addition, the speed of taxis, where they aresituations such as whether they are carrying passengers or not will be tracked via i-taxi.


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Explanations on the subject, Head of IMM Transportation Department Utku Cihan It was done by. Universe; “With this council decision, the companies and companies that want to apply and manage the taxi management system, IMM’s taxi management system. provided they are integrated. permission has been granted. In other words, different companies will be able to use different applications, provided that they get a license from the municipality. Taxi drivers will also be able to work with the application they want. integrated into the IMM’s system all taxis can be tracked.” said.

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