Taxes, Penalties and Fees to be increased by 35 percent

Tax Specialist Ozan Bingöl spoke about the Revaluation Rate, which has become a matter of curiosity as we approach the end of 2021. Statements made by the tax expert reveal that there may be at least 35 hikes in fees such as penalties, taxes and fees to be paid in 2022.

As we slowly approach the end of 2021, “Revaluation Rate” was also on the agenda. This rate, announced at the end of each year, makes it possible to understand what percentage of the increases to be applied to taxes, fees and penalties. In fact, the Turkish lira is denominated every year how much you lostWe can easily understand with the Revaluation Rate.

The government has determined that the Revaluation Rate for the year 2020-2021 9.11 percent ratio was announced. With this rate, citizens paid a 10 percent increase in 2021 to items such as fees, taxes and penalties they paid in 2020. Now, the 2022 Revaluation Rate has started to be talked about. Tax Specialist Ozan Bingolmade a statement that would shake the hands of the citizens.

“Historical peak to be seen”

According to the statements made by Ozan Bingöl, Turkey is in the Revaluation Rate this year. will play to the top. Even the best-case scenario under the current circumstances, according to the tax expert, around 35 percent will result in a delay. If you wish, now; Let’s look at the statements of the Tax Expert Bingöl on the subject;

Even if the monthly PPI increase rate is zero in September and October, the revaluation rate for 2021 is the last year. highest revaluation rate. Even in the most optimistic scenario, it should come as no surprise that a revaluation rate of around 35 percent is announced in November. Let’s say right now. Increase in your Motor Vehicle tax in 2022 will be at least 35 percent Start doing your calculations with the assumption. High revaluation rate will also be used in the increase in traffic fines, stamp duty and fees.


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The Revaluation Ratio is frequently used in the calculation of some rent increases, tuition fees, hikes in various contracts, and the like in the public and private sectors. As such, the Revaluation Rate, which is understood to be around 35 percent in 2021, It is an important risk factor in terms of achieving the 2022 inflation target.. At this point, the authority given to the President by the relevant legislation to impose a lower rate than the Revaluation Rate announced for tax and penalty amount increases may come to the rescue. This use of authority We hope that it will be realized not only in terms of the inflation target, but also so that those who are oppressed by high taxes do not bear an even heavier burden.

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