Symptoms Continue in Children Who Survive COVID-19

The Israeli Ministry of Health conducted a striking study of children aged 18 and under who contracted COVID-19. This research revealed that 11.2 percent of children who survived the disease continued to show symptoms.

Guiding research around the world with his work in the fight against coronavirus Israeldid a new study. This study, led by the Israeli Ministry of Health and focused on children aged 3 to 18, found that one in 10 children who contracted COVID-19 could also survive after recovering from the disease. continues to show symptoms revealed.

According to the research conducted over the phone with the parents of 13,864 children, the children who had the disease 11.2 percent, showing signs of COVID-19 even after recovering from the disease. Moreover, this process can continue for 6 months after the disease. Israel Ministry of Health officials state that the symptoms persist in 1.2 percent of children under the age of 12 and in 4.6 percent of children between the ages of 12-18.

Half of children younger than 18 showed no symptoms

In Israel, at least COVID-19 to 200,000 children was diagnosed. About 50 of these children survived the disease without showing any symptoms. According to the latest research, approximately 10 thousand of 100 thousand children showing symptoms even after getting over the disease It was understood that he continued to show symptoms.


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Despite the meaningless defenses of anti-vaccine opponents, Israel has managed to process the coronavirus process. best managed countries came to the fore. According to the latest data we got from the database called Worldometer, there are currently 82 thousand 4 active cases in the country, which has vaccinated its entire population. 99.2 percent of these cases, so 81,320 of them have mild disease. The condition of 684 people is serious.

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