Sylvie Meis on the hunt for criminals – sexy arrest on “Love Island”! – TV

This policewoman is capturing an entire island!

Sexy shoot in Mallorca for “Love Island” – with Moderator Sylvie Meis (43) and show voice Simon Beeck (41). And in doing so, the two “criminally” get close …

In her policewoman outfit, Sylvie Meis shows her curves …Photo: RTLZWEI / Thomas Reiner

... after she let the blazer fly on the police car

… after she let the blazer fly on the police carPhoto: RTLZWEI / Thomas Reiner

What’s going on there?

Meis and Beeck check the “SEKsy deployment” challenge in advance for the candidates, so to speak to explain it to them. Presenter Sylvie is the “love cop” and throws herself into a hot policewoman outfit for her role.

The wanted “crook” Simon has stolen a heart from the “Love Island” villa and Sylvie is on his heels. In a “chase”, the blonde beauty grabs the former radio presenter and searches him. In doing so, she finds the stolen heart.

Simon Beeck ends up in handcuffs in

Simon Beeck ends up in handcuffs in “jail” …Photo: RTLZWEI / Thomas Reiner

... but can laugh about it together with Sylvie

… but can laugh about it together with SylviePhoto: RTLZWEI / Thomas Reiner

“Love Cop” Sylvie makes short work and locks the “criminal” in the cell. Meis to BILD: “I promised to give tips and tricks. And that’s where I think you have to do that too. I learned a few cool police sentences in German and of course a few moves. “

And what kind of! Before the “arrest” she drew the attention of the “crook” with a seductive dance. She stood on a police bus and dropped the covers until she stood in front of Simon in a sexy policewoman outfit and handcuffed him.

Even the convicted criminal was enthusiastic. Beeck: “Sylvie is doing a fantastic job here. That’s what I told her the first second when I saw her ”.

At the beginning, the Cologne native could not quite imagine the beautiful Dutch woman as the new presenter of the dating show.

“I thought beforehand, Sylvie Meis and ‘Love Island’, I’m curious,” admits Beeck. “But then your first moderation was so spontaneous, so funny, so easy. After three minutes, Sylvie threw away her moderation cards and everyone thought: ‘Okay, what is the woman doing !?’ And then she just rocked it, ”he continues.

RTL2 will show on Sunday at 10:25 p.m. whether the islanders can keep up with Sylvie and Simon in the challenge.