Sweden’s coastguard reports fourth leak at Nord Stream

Recording of the gas leak at Nord Stream 1 by the Swedish Coast Guard

The photo is from September 27. Sweden has now reported a fourth leak.

(Photo: dpa)

Stockholm, Berlin The sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines is larger than previously known. Sweden’s Coast Guard announced on Thursday that a fourth leak had been discovered. On Wednesday evening, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson spoke of three leaks in the two Nord Stream gas pipelines. The information about a fourth is said to have already existed. There is no doubt that the tubes were destroyed by explosions.

A few hours after Andersson’s statement, the newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet” reported a fourth leak at the building. This was confirmed shortly afterwards by the Swedish Coast Guard. This fourth leak was discovered on Tuesday, a spokesman said.

It is smaller than the others and is located between the two Nord Stream 1 leaks in the parallel Nord Stream 2. It is not yet clear why the information about a fourth leak only became known two days later.

Seismologist Björn Lund from Uppsala University is currently investigating whether there was a third explosion. “We have to take a closer look,” he was quoted as saying by the Aftonbladet newspaper.

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A third rash can be seen on his measurement data, but this does not have to be clear evidence. “It could be another detonation or some kind of reflection of the other explosions,” Lund said.

Investigations may still be ongoing

On Monday, a leak first appeared in a Nord Stream 2 tube, followed a few hours later by leaks in the two Nord Stream 1 tubes. Three out of four lines were locally destroyed. It is not yet known at which tube the fourth leak is located.

3-D simulation of the Nord Stream tubes

The course of events can only be determined once the remaining gas has escaped from the tubes.

(Photo: Dragan Mihajlovic)

From the point of view of Western experts and also Russian authorities, the tubes were deliberately destroyed by massive explosions. US and European security circles see the responsibility in Russia, which wants to increase the pressure on Europe in this way.

The aim is for Germany and other NATO countries to reduce their support for Ukraine, which has to fend off a Russian invasion. Moscow rejects the allegations and has announced a comprehensive investigation.

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The course of events can only be determined once the remaining gas has escaped from the tubes. According to Denmark and Sweden, this should take a few more days. The competent authority has not issued a new warning for shipping because the fourth leak is in the area of ​​the other leaks.

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