SV Darmstadt 98: Darmstadt’s Kempe pushes into the starting eleven – Bundesliga

Tobias Kempe (32) Darmstadts Mister has been reliable for years. The standard specialist shot the lilies in the Bundesliga (2015) and saved them from relegation. His free kicks and corners are feared in the league, his penalties almost always in there.

But this season it was extremely stupid for Kempe: The necessary operation on the nose (“a great feeling to be able to breathe properly again”) cost him part of the preparation. And when it really started, Kempe had to pause with Corona. It had gotten him pretty bad.

But now he was reporting back properly. At 1: 2 in Rostock, the clever Joker needed 58 seconds to pull out a penalty. He also converted it himself cool to 1: 1.

Coach Torsten Lieberknecht had already warned the competition that Kempe had really caught up during the international break and was pushing into the team.

Darmstadt’s sporting director Carsten Wehlmann: “Tobias Kempe is probably not quite at one hundred percent yet, because he is still missing the game minutes. So it’s all the better that he was there immediately after coming on and helped us equalize. Kempe has shown that we now have another option on the offensive. “