Suspended Sales in Many Sectors

While the market was shocked with the dollar exceeding 13 yesterday, allegations began to come that sales were stopped in many sectors. Some prominent posts on this subject in Ekşisözlük and Twitter suggest that there will be a big increase in prices in the coming days.

It was not too late to reflect the fluctuations in the dollar to the market in Turkey, which has faced an unstoppable and very rapid increase in the dollar rate in recent weeks. The sales of some products in the market chains were limited, and many products were increased. However, on November 23, the TL against the dollar 2.11 percent depreciation in just a few hours, caused great activity in the market.

Last night, Apple Turkey stopped the sale of all its devices. The prices of technological products were also updated on many e-commerce sites during the day and reached the highest levels in history. On the other hand, this mobility and will not be limited to these It was also shown with the information offered by internet users.

Many companies have requested to stop selling:

A user named “L:8” on Twitter said that many companies that they provide e-commerce software and intercompany sales applications due to the increase in the dollar. stopped selling He claimed. The user claimed that there was no sale or supply, that the main dealer did not distribute products, and that the buy-sell companies could not find products.


In the continuation of his sharing, the user said that the requests to stop the sales came within only half an hour, that the companies wanted to stop the sales due to the lack of supply, and that the companies they work for 90% of them are SMEs suggested. In addition to e-commerce sites, a similar situation is observed by some Ekşisözlük users who claim to be from other sectors.we stopped salesIt was stated under the heading ” as follows:

Sharings on Ekşisözlük reflecting the situation in different sectors:






Complaints started about e-commerce platforms pointing out that stocks are not filled:


  • Hepsiburada has provided a response to these and similar complaints, stating that it has started to investigate the issue.

Some users shopping on e-commerce sites in Turkey started to express that they learned that their orders were canceled after completing their orders. The reason for the cancellation of the orders is in parallel with the above shares. suppliers maintain the goods in their stocks and do not offer them for sale possibility of it could be.


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