Surprising Fast & Furious 9 confession from Cardi B

Fast and Furious 9, It’s been a long time since it was released. The production, which managed to turn the records upside down in a time that can be considered a transition period after the pandemic, continues to remain on the agenda. An interesting confession came from the last movie of the series with a star-studded cast.

The famous singer included in the series with the ninth movie Cardi B, An interesting claim was also made. Successful name, especially Vin Diesel He said that he was very reluctant to play with her.

Sad news from the new Mad Max movie!

Sad news for Mad Max fans. The release date of the new production focused on Furiosa, which will be the prequel to the series, has been postponed for exactly one year.

Fast & Furious 9 worries Cardi B

25 Junescreened in Fast and Furious 9It also draws attention with its ambitious staff. In the project, in which many stars are involved, singers can also appear on the screen all the time. Joining these names with the last movie Cardi BAt first, he took a rather hesitant stance. The famous singer with a short-lived stage, especially Vin DieselHe said he was afraid of. stating that they have doubts Cardi B, said:

Vin Dieselyou know. He always plays the serious guy. But he’s so kind, so good and super comforting. It makes you feel so good and that makes it pretty cool. He also said that he was proud of me when the filming was over.

portraying himself in the movie Cardi B, Vin Diesel’‘s character comes together on a small stage. Dominic TorretoThe star name, who seems to be the artist that s daughter admires, also said hello to the series. However, very satisfied with this experience. Cardi BIt looks like it will solidify its place in the universe. Because, according to the first statements, the successful singer, Fast and Furious 10It will also be in.

Fast and furious

The production, which will be one of the last two films of the series, will also prepare for farewells in many respects. According to the information received, it was learned that the tenth and eleventh films will be directly linked to each other. The fact that the universe, which has been in the world of cinema for a long time, will say goodbye will of course upset the fans. Let’s see how the fans of the series will react to the finale. We’ll wait and see.

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