Surprise Altcoin’s Active Users Passes Ethereum (ETH)!

Chinese crypto journalist and blogger Colin Wu shared the latest data provided by Token Terminal on the growth of daily active users for various blockchain platforms. According to this Polygon (MATIC) altcoin from BNB Chain It has become the second largest platform after

MATIC Altcoin Overtakes Ethereum in Number of Active Users

According to Token Terminal data, the number of daily active users of the Polygon network has reached 349,000. Ethereum It has over 341,000 owned, making it the second largest blockchain in terms of active users, after 803,000 owned by BNB Chain.

Colin Wu wrote the following about the event, which you can see below, which is more up-to-date than when the sharing came:

“According to Token Terminal data, the Polygon network has reached 344,000 daily active users (DAU), surpassing Ethereum’s 324,000 daily active users, making it the second largest blockchain as DAU after BNB Chain’s 781,000.”

Popular crypto YouTuber and trader Lark Davis shared a screenshot from the same source with more details about it. In the image shared by Davis, it is seen that after Ethereum, Solana with 135,000 daily active users and Near protocol with 69,000 active users.

Commenting on Davis’ post, Binance CEO and co-founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) noted that Binance focuses on real daily users, not just TVL (total locked assets) provided by a few big whales.

According to data provided by Token Terminal, the largest chains by active users are as follows:

1-BNB Chain – 803,700

2-Polygon – 349,200

3-Ethereum – 341,000

4-fading – 156.0000

5-PancakeSwap – 130,000

6-NEAR Protocol – 72,100

7-OpenSea – 48,400

8-Arbitrum – 44,400

9-Uniswap – 40,300

10-Phantom – 36,200

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