Support Statement for Terra Classic (LUNC) by Do Kwon!

Do Kwon, other cosmos while working to incorporate its chains Terra Classic (LUNC) Confirmed Terra Station support for

In a tweet, Do Kwon announced his intention to offer Terra Station support to other Cosmos blockchains.

Do Kwon Says Terra Classic Will Benefit From New Terra Station Support

As a result, the embattled Terra founder asked the relevant key development teams in the ecosystem to send a direct message. According to a tweet that followed, the service will be free.

Kwon has confirmed that the Terra Classic (LUNC) network will continue to be supported as Terra Station evolves into a cross-chain wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem. “Yes, yes, LUNC is supported,” Kwon tweeted.

Not surprisingly, this development was met with mixed reactions. While some congratulated Terraform Labs’ continued support, others stated that they still do not trust the Terra founder.

As stated by one user, multi-chain integration with Terra Station seems to be the first step towards Do Kwon’s “Inter-Chain Alliance”.

Many Are Skeptical About Do Kwon

cosmos altcoin While it may seem like a useful approach to increase interoperability between chains and support smaller chains, members of the Cosmos ecosystem, like many in the LUNC community, are skeptical.

Akash Network founder Greg Osuri expressed that he is not yet willing to forgive the damage done by Do Kwon’s failed stablecoin to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Despite these concerns, others stressed that Terra Station is probably the best wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem. The wallet received critical acclaim, especially from respected Cosmos developer Joecob Gadikian, who praised the user-friendly build and underlying code.

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