Support Message from Kevin Feige to Batgirl Directors

It turned out that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige sent a message of support to Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, the directors of Batgirl, which was announced to be canceled recently.

While DC, which we know with its superhero productions, is preparing to come up with many new movies, a recent statement showed that a movie that fans have been waiting for a while has been cancelled. Warner Bros. and DC Films, which are in the final stages of production. Batgirl He announced that his movie would not be able to debut because it did not pass the audience test.

This news had a great impact in the cinema world. Batgirl’s directors stated that they were shocked by the cancellation of the 90 million dollar movie and stated that they wanted the movie to be shown. While the reactions to Warner Bros.’s decision continue, it is now known for its superhero productions. Marvel A statement on the subject came from the front.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige reaches out to Batgirl’s directors for support

Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige He announced that he had sent them an e-mail regarding the issue. Sharing the screenshot of the message, El Arbi said, “Thank you brother Kevin” used the phrases.

Feige said in her e-mail that she heard about the news about the movie Batgirl. sadness expressed. The Marvel boss did not neglect to celebrate El Arbi, who got married recently. El Arbi and Fallah learned of Warner Bros.’s cancellation decision during this wedding. Finally, Feige is the new series of the MCU that has been released in the past months. Ms. Marvel’s He thanked the duo who directed both episodes for their work.


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In addition to these, Arbi stated on Instagram that many people from around the world reached out to them. famous directors Edgar Wright and James Gunnwere among those who reached out to and supported the duo regarding Batgirl’s shelving. Arbi also emphasized that the support they received helped them in this difficult period.

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