SupperMassive Blaze at Valorant Masters: Berlin Tournament

Valorant Masters: Berlin tournament, which Valorant fans have been waiting for a long time, started yesterday. Representing our country, SuperMassive Blaze is currently fighting against the European ACEND.

Valorant Masters: Berlin tournament, which was held between September 9 and September 19, started as of yesterday. The winning teams of the Valorant Challengers tournament will also fight fiercely in the Masters tournament, and the winning teams in this tournament, In Valorant: Champhions, Valorant’s biggest tournament they will compete with each other.

With the start of the tournament, the e-sports team SuperMassive Blaze, which represents our country, in the tournament opening match The European team faced ACEND. You can watch the match starting at 16.00 on Twitch.

Click here to watch SuperMassive Blaze vs ACEND

This match, in which SuperMassive Blaze takes place, is extremely important, because game lovers who have followed e-sports tournaments to date know that the opening matches are watched by people from all over the world and In this way, teams have a great opportunity to introduce themselves. will have.

Although the SuperMassive Blaze team, which represents our country, consists entirely of Turkish players, the opposing team Our Turkish player Mehmet Yağız İpek in ACEND exists. We wish success to both SuperMassive Blaze and Mehmet Yağız İpek in the tournament.

Note: To watch the English broadcast of the match here, also to watch the Turkish broadcast here you can click.