“Summer house of the stars” – Kippen-Koller! Mola Adebisi lets off steam – TV

Much smoke about nothing …

In the “summer house of the stars” there was a crash between the next dream couple: When it came to cigarettes, ex-VIVA presenter Mola Adebisi (48) and his girlfriend Adelina (33) had an argument. And that, even though both of them had drawn up extremely tough rules beforehand.

The trouble started in the bedroom of all places. The lovebirds had no storms, because actress Jana Pallaske (42) and her partner, who otherwise spend the night in the same room, slept in nature that evening. Nevertheless, a romantic mood did not want to arise between Mola and his loved one.

The stumbling block was her cigarette consumption. Adelina had smoked another one before going to bed. When his girlfriend crawled into bed with him, Mola wanted to be on the safe side and asked: “Honey, you’ve washed yourself, right? You don’t smell like an ashtray now, my darling? ”Her answer did not allow further inquiries. Adelina annoyed: “I, I, I … stop!”

The next morning the topic came back on the tray in a large group. Although his girlfriend was sitting next to him, Mola told the story to the others. Adelina smoked several cigarettes and then went to bed without washing her hands. Adelina really upset her partner’s chatty mood. “You know that I smoke. So what’s the problem? ”She snapped at him.

If Mola has its way, Adelina should wash her hands and brush her teeth after every buttPhoto: RTL

In the consulting room, Mola probably also wanted to explain to the TV viewers what the dispute was actually about. His girlfriend is not sticking to the agreements. The TV star sternly: “I said, ‘Honey, you can smoke as much as you want. The only thing you have to do is wash your hands and brush your teeth afterwards. ‘”

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen the night before, Mola claimed in front of the assembled team. Adelina countered angrily: “Were you there?” The argument rocked up. Only when Jana Pallaske’s friend Sascha turned the corner and warned the brawlers with a “Psst!” Did the heated minds calm down again. Only Mola groaned: “Sometimes it’s really tiring.”

For the moderator, things got even worse at the end of the day. After the “Sommerhaus” couple Michelle (42) and Mike Cees-Monballijn (33) landed on the nomination list, they were allowed to choose a couple for the Exit Challenge. The choice fell on Mola and Adelina.

If you lose, you have to pack your bags.

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