Suggestion from the US Senator for the Use of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in the Congress Building

US Senator Ted Cruz presented a proposal to the House of Representatives to mandate the acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in vending machines in the US government congress building.

Bitcoin supporter Senator Ted Cruz, seat of the US government in the congress building It is mandatory to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. to find vending machines presented a proposal to the House of Representatives.

If the proposal is accepted, the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Administrative Officers of the House of Representatives food and vending companies that accept cryptocurrencies Will take action to find it.

Cruz last year of Texas “An oasis on planet earth for bitcoin and crypto” developing in the city, saying that he wanted it to be crypto mining industry became a vocal supporter.

Also, Congress members are on crypto issues. they should be more educated He has also been candid about the issue and has publicly announced his own crypto assets.

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