Successful Analyst Announces Short and Long Term Goals for Ripple (XRP)! Is $10 Possible?

Despite the sharp decline in Bitcoin, Ripple, which managed to maintain the level of $ 1, is trading at $ 1.10 today.

CryptoBusy analyst Tom Busy made new predictions for XRP, which is constantly on the agenda with the lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple.

Busy stated that companies and exchanges have put XRP on their agenda again, and as a result, the XRP price will move upwards.

The analyst also stated that the litigation process between Ripple and the SEC is the biggest obstacle to XRP’s price action.

“XRP is the only crypto in the top 20 that has not hit an all-time high in this bull run. It is clear that the reason for delaying price action is the SEC lawsuit.”

Busy also said that if there is any positive result regarding how the SEC case will turn out in September, XRP could go to $2 in three days and from there it will hit an all-time high, ready to record new highs.

The analyst stated that if there is an expected boom in Bitcoin, the target of XRP for 2021 is $ 4-5 levels, and for long-term price prediction, he believes that XRP will reach a new ATH at the end of the year when the SEC-Ripple case ends.

I think XRP will go beyond that and thus go anywhere between $5 and $10, and I think that will happen by the end of this year.

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