Strange Response from Prosecutor’s Office to Abusive Phenomenon

Social media phenomenon Eda Yon, who reached 2.4 million followers with the dance videos she shared on TikTok, pursued her right after the lawsuit she filed for harassment was invalidated. Direction and his lawyer decided to take the court decision that the abusive message he received was possible due to his social media account being open to the Constitutional Court.

The lawsuit filed by Eda Yön, a social media phenomenon known for her dance videos on TikTok, over a harassment she experienced months ago, emerged with the reaction to the outcome of the lawsuit. When the lawsuit he filed against the person who harassed him on social media was concluded in favor of the harasser, Yön and his lawyer decided to take the case further.

The court dismissed the lawsuit regarding the messages containing the photo of the sexual organ of the harasser. It was invalidated on the grounds that “Eda Yön’s account is not confidential”. Reacting to the situation on social media, Eda Yön and her lawyer stated that the decision will be taken to the Constitutional Court.

“Having my account open does not give anyone the right to abuse”

Eda Yön, a TikTok phenomenon living in Izmir, was harassed with a message she received on Instagram. A lawsuit was rightfully filed against the harasser who sent the message, as well as the photo of his genitals, to Yön. The lawsuit, filed on the incident that took place on June 10, received a response on June 28. If the prosecutor’s decision is It was stated that Yön’s account should not be private and should be open to such messages. The phenomenon, who objected to the situation, heard the same reason from the Izmir Criminal Court of Peace and decided to take the decision to the Constitutional Court together with his lawyer.

Eda Direction, “Do not go out if there is a harasser on the street” In his statements against the similar decision, he used the following statements: “This thought is an unfounded pattern that makes me very sad. In cases of femicides, harassment and rape, the question ‘What is the woman doing there at that hour?’, ‘Why is she wearing a skirt?’ It is no different from thoughts that restrict our freedom, such as I am a TikTok phenomenon and also a social media influencer. Of course, under these conditions, my social media accounts will be open to everyone. However, this does not mean that users on social media insult me ​​or other people known on social media, or It does not give them the right to send sexually abusive messages.”


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Stating that the decision taken is sad and worrying for the sake of law, lawyer Alperen Çetinkaya expressed his disappointment with the following words in his statements: “My client is a social media phenomenon. For this reason alone, it is not possible for him to hide his account or message requests. After all, just one of the abusers advice to limit his personal freedom so that he does not abuse himself It is a matter of concern and regret that the prosecutor’s office and the Criminal Judgeship of Peace shared the same view and closed the investigation.”

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