Stolen Accusation of Squid Game

The South Korean-made Squid Game series has been in the middle of the agenda since its release and is spoken by everyone. A new claim was made for the series, which suddenly became popular: The subject of Squid Game was stolen from a 2014 Japanese movie. We have explained the details of the subject below.

The most popular TV series of recent times, South Korean production Squid Game, is anchored in the heart of social media. Even Squid Game-themed cafes appeared in the 1st week of the series’ debut. ‘How quickly did they produce the clothes or something?’ You might say, but don’t be surprised because the overalls they use are from La Casa De Papel.

The series, which was at the top of the agenda, of course brought speculations with it. According to a claim, the theme and subject of Squid Game stolen. According to the content of the claim, Squid Game plagiarized a Japanese movie released in 2014.

Squid Game imitated Japanese movie As The Gods Will

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