‘Sticker’ update from WhatsApp that will delight users!

WhatsApp, very recently newsticker will make it available to everyone. As it is known, those who wanted to share their own stickers on the platform had to use different mobile applications. Thanks to these applications, users were developing original stickers. However, we see that WhatsApp is now trying to put an end to this situation. The social media platform connected to Meta will make users smile a lot!

Instagram and Facebook’s message encryption plans delayed

Meta announced that its plans for an end-to-end encrypted message system for Instagram and Facebook have been delayed.

Whatsapp will let you create original stickers

91mobilesAccording to the news, leak source Mukul Sharma has discovered an important update. of WhatsApp in beta realized that he was trying to improve the sticker feature. Thus, the platform will allow users to create their own stickers.

Updating WhatsApp stickers

WhatsAppWhile working on the sticker feature, a screenshot has also reached news sources. In the screenshot of the feature we see the text ‘create’ and a ‘+’ icon. It seems that with the final version, users will be able to create their own stickers by uploading a photo.

However, the feature in a few weeks We look forward to making it available to everyone. Also, currently WhatsApp only allows adding third-party stickers from external apps. In other words, they may no longer be needed, especially together.

WhatsApp introduced the new sticker feature first. AndroidIt will start at . We expect it to come to iOS later. Apart from that, the new ‘create’ icon can be placed next to the existing sticker section. We will continue to share with you as new developments come about on this subject.

In addition, WhatsApp’s chats messages for everyone We know that there are new studies for you to delete. The platform is trying to increase the time limit. WhatsApp to delete a message for everyone right now 1 hour, 8 minutes, 16 seconds gives time. However, the time limit is said to be extended further in a future update.

The feature is currently in testing and it’s not available for beta testers either. Meanwhile, there were reports that he was trying to remove any time limit for deleting messages first. However, later there were news that it would only extend the time. This feature was spotted in WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.2147.4. The platform sets the time limit. 6 days 8 minutes trying to change it.

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