Statement from the Contractor who Destroyed 3 Sites Built in Hatay

Sözcü, who reached the contractors of three demolished sites in Hatay, faced a backlash. The contractor, with his reactive sentence, argued that they were helpless against the severity of the earthquake.

The two major earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, which occurred on February 6, and the subsequent severe aftershocks, caused destruction of a magnitude that has not yet been clarified for three days. Of course, with this destruction, the news of the death of thousands of citizens has already been shared. structures build quality It was also on the agenda again.

Sözcü newspaper, on the other hand, in Hatay, one of the provinces where the destruction was most severe, to the contractor of 3 demolished sites reached. Servet Altaş, owner of the Ser-Al company that built the three sites, responded to questions about why the building was destroyed:

“You can’t ask me about the building”

“There was an earthquake under the influence of atomic bombs here, everything was destroyed, is it my building? You can’t ask me about the building.”

The spokesperson tried again to reach the contractor, but was unsuccessful.


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