Statement from Terra CEO Do Kwon: I Regret What I Said

As it is known, the Terra USD collapse, which triggered the decline of the crypto money market, took place last month. Terra CEO gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal. Here are the details…

Terra CEO Do Kwon said, “I have full confidence that we will exist stronger than we once were,” the Wall Street Journal reported on June 22. made statements.

After the collapse of Terra USD, the company’s native token LUNA reached zero dollars, and $40 billion market a company of value had disappeared. The decline also affected companies offering Terra USD returns. Anchor Protocol UST with 20% interest It is stated that his deposits have put many investors in a loss.

For the LUNA, which was over $100 before the crash, Do Kwon’s selling claiming to make too much money had been When asked about this, Do Kwon:

I lost almost all my money in the crash. But that doesn’t bother me. I lead a fairly modest life.

The old LUNA was renamed to LUNA Classic, and its owners were airdropped from the new token. The new LUNA is from day one. for 30 dollars reached as high as a large drop, and at the time of writing, the new token $1.96 levels exists.

Many names in the cryptocurrency market think Do Kwon is a scam, and they do this. He says he will do it a second time. However, he was supportive and saddened by his situation. there are many people.

Do Kwon said that before the UST collapse, the algorithmic stablecoin would collapse and Terra would be a ponzi scheme to people who think they are in heavy criticism had been found. After that, Do Kwon made the following statements in an interview with the Wall Street Journal:

Do I regret the things I said in the past? Yes.

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