Statement From Famous CEO Former Shiba Inu Supporter: Never Again!

Steven Cooper, former supporter of Shiba Inu (SHIB) and CEO of Bigger Entertainment, has stated that he never wants to be involved in the project again.

Cooper, who has closely examined the Shiba Inu project in the past years and aimed to provide support in terms of both technical and liquidity, “what happened behind the scenesHe withdrew his support for the project in 2022 after seeing the Almost all of his past posts about SHIB deleted it all.

Steven Cooper on social media in sharingto the Shiba Inu project that you never want to be involved again stated. Expressing that what happened behind the scenes of SHIB is crazy, Cooper made the following statements in the details of his statement:

I’m glad the SHIB community is finally seeing the truth come to light. While I have no desire to be involved again at this time, I do feel the community. What happened behind the scenes was crazy. This has devastated many people trying to help, including me and my company.

On the other hand, Cooper’s claims were not limited to these. The team behind the scenes, Cooper and his colleagues viewed as a threat. Stating that, the CEO stated that they experience the situation as ‘the one who tells the truth will be fired from nine villages’:

Saving our remaining reputation was a breaking point for us. The team behind the scenes saw us as a threat and openly said they would launch smear campaigns against us, labeling us as ‘scammers’ on the internet.

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