Statement From Binance CEO About “Bitcoin Is Dead” News: It represents the bottom level

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of the world’s leading crypto exchange Binance, said that when the headlines of “Bitcoin is Dead” started to be made in the news, those who bought Bitcoin (BTC) did a good job and reacted to the recent false news.

Binance CEO CZ, Monday, June 20 day A post showing the news headlines at the bottom and top prices of Bitcoin by quoting bitcoinhistorically every “Bitcoin is dead” after the news started to come out showing a good performance and logically these headlines represents the “bottom” level. expressed.

Historically speaking, if you bought Bitcoin at every “Bitcoin is dead” headline, you did a good job. Logic: When they lose hope, that’s when the “bottom” kicks in. We DO NOT recommend this or any strategy for the future.

Reaction to false news in recent days

Additionally, in recent to false news referring and responding Binance CEO‘this, “Binance Bought Bottom. Added 101,266 Bitcoins” He quoted a news article entitled:

Another wrong post. When the balance of Binance’s cold wallet increases, it means more users deposit with Binance.

In just the past day after sharing three false news articles that he had to fix CZ He also self-criticizes himself, saying that he reads too much news and that he should stop it.

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