Statement by President Erdogan on Market Prices

President Erdoğan spoke about the 7 percent VAT reduction applied to basic food products. Stating that the prices have started to decrease, Erdoğan stated that there are requests for extra discounts from chain markets. Here are the details of the statement…

President Recep Tayyip Erdoganmade evaluations on the agenda after his visit to the United Arab Emirates. Speaking about the VAT reduction, which occupies the agenda, Erdoğan said that the inspections will be carried out strictly and the prices will decrease in one way or another. In addition to the 7 percent discount in VAT on basic food products, Erdogan that they want an extra 7 percent discount also stated.

NTV Editor-in-Chief by Nermin YurteriYou said that the Anti-Inflation Team would be established. Can this team be successful in fighting inflation?Responding to the words “Erdogan, should not be worried told.

“We will not oppress our citizens”


More ‘VAT Reduction’ Planned in Three Sectors After Basic Food Products

In one of our content that we shared with you the other day, before the VAT reduction, the prices about the raise from the allegations and the reflections of these claims on social media. we talked about. Upon these developments, Yurteri spoke to President Erdoğan as follows:

On Saturday, you announced a very important decision on the way to fight inflation. VAT on food products has been reduced to 1%. However, there is an application in food products, especially in markets. that there is trouble There is a general opinion. Interesting things happened, especially on the chain market front. For example, before the VAT reduction, a box of 30 eggs was sold for 38.90 liras. Same egg on the same day after disclosure Withdrawn to 45.90 liras. On Monday, chain markets withdrew their 7 lira hike, 3 lira each, and increased 4 liras per box in total. The organized movement of these chain markets, which have 50 thousand branches in total, is a financial advantage. national security issue doesn’t it constitute? You said that the Anti-Inflation Team would be established. Can this team be successful in fighting inflation? Artisan boy as a journalist a little I’m worried

Market prices

President Erdogan’s response to these statements was as follows:

“For once, don’t be worried. As of now, both our Ministry of Treasury and Finance and our Ministry of Commerce in close branding. It seems that the prices of some products have returned to a certain extent after the VAT reduction. One way or another, it will come down. Of course, I said to our Minister of Treasury and Finance, “You need to deal with these quickly.” Nureddin Bey personally talked to their bosses and tried to deal with them. we will continue the inspection. We, as the state, have reduced VAT on basic food products from 8 percent to 1 percent, but we also said that you will also reduce it. We said, “Just as we have reduced VAT by 7 points, in addition to this, we expect at least 7 percent price reduction from you here”. Which adds up to 14 points in total.. We also received statements in this direction from them later on. Now if this doesn’t continue we’re going to go over them in a very different way. We will not oppress our citizens once. We’ll go over them. So it was fruit, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk and dairy products, whatever you can think of, we will do what is necessary in all basic food products. We will see together how these shelves improve in 1-2 months.. Have no worries.”

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