Start on October 1st – Fifa 22 without Turkey – game news

The popular soccer game “Fifa” starts the new season on October 1st. For the serial number 22, fans are hoping for many new functions and incentives to switch to the next version this year as well.

BILD summarizes the status of the already known facts and the hottest rumors. Here you will find everything you need to know about “Fifa 22”!

++++ UPDATE 9/11/2021 ++++

These countries are no longer there

There is always fluctuation at Fifa in terms of licensed clubs, stadiums, players, but also national teams. But the fact that 17 national teams are disappearing from the game is remarkable. In alphabetical order these would be:

Egypt, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, India, Cameroon, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Switzerland, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela.

This is what the virtual Turkey footballers looked like in Fifa 21Photo: EA Sports


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While many may get over the loss of India and Ivory Coast, some of the missing teams from South America (Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay), but especially the teams from Switzerland and Turkey, certainly leave disappointed fans in this country. All national teams that were also regularly present at major tournaments. EA Sports didn’t try to get the licenses enough, it seems.

For this, the Ukraine has been added as a national team.

++++ UPDATE 8/26/2021 ++++

Lewandowski is the best

For the first time, Bayern star Robert Lewandowski joins the ranks of the “best at Fifa”. With the new overall rating of 93 points, the Pole is on par with Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo (both also 93 points). Or so it seems, if you believe the leak from TikToker MavzFUT, which shows the striker’s Fifa Ultimate Team card.

Goalkeepers are world class – EVERYONE

Fifa 22’s closed beta test run is in full swing. And as you can already hear, despite secrecy, many players are unhappy with the direction of goalkeeping performance so far. They are “superhumanly” good and a collection of “nothing but novelty”. We estimate that the developers will have to readjust again by October 1st. Goalkeepers have always been an issue in recent years. At Fifa 21 it seemed as if variable skills had finally been better carved out. Has it got worse again now?

++++ UPDATE 8/12/2021 ++++

The new number of games to be played in the popular Weekend League it is now clear: the virtual kickers will have to adjust to 20 instead of 30 games in the future.

There is also news on the subject of celebrating goals in “Fifa 22”. Until now you had to endure that your opponent would let his players break out into ecstasy when he scored a goal, this can now be “prevented”. The opponent can still cheer, but the option “Cheering camera focus” offers the opportunity to watch your own players instead and not celebrate the goal.

The former Dortmund defense star Jürgen Kohler is now also one of the new ones FUT heroes. So far, the German ex-professionals were Mario Gomez and Lars Ricken known as “heroes” in “Fifa 22”.

++++ UPDATE 8/12/2021 END ++++


Basically, improved gameplay is part of the basic equipment of every new “Fifa” title. This time there is a new fancy made-up word for it: HyperMotion. Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports) promises an artificial intelligence-fired representation of the processes involved in player movements.

A new technology called Xsens is said to have been used, which recorded the large teams of the international leagues directly at games and integrated this information into the new edition of “Fifa” using so-called machine learning. More than 4000 new player and game animations are said to have been created.

HyperMotion will only be available on the next-gen consoles (Playstation 5 / Xbox One X).

The movements of the real players are precisely analyzed and incorporated into the game

The movements of the real kickers are precisely analyzed and incorporated into the gamePhoto: EA Sports

More gameplay

All games, however, will benefit from the general gameplay improvements. There should be more in the future Tactic options specify the behavior of your own players (those you don’t control), for example more pressing, faster switching to defensive or more offensive full-backs.

Also the Sprints are adjusted. “Explosive sprints” should now also be possible, a kind of kick for the first few meters, which can be a bonus over a short distance. We are excited to see how this will affect the player’s subsequent movements.

And of course EA Sports promises that this year too Ball physics to improve. The focus here is certainly on roll and flight behavior as well as things like spin or bleed.

Apparently changed after massive fan criticism: goods (successful) Crosses with subsequent headers In “Fifa 21” still in short supply, the developers are said to have focused this year on remedying the situation.

Cover star

Again it will be the French Kylian Mbappé (22, Paris Saint-Germain) who sold the game as a figurehead.

Kylian Mbappé (22)

Kylian Mbappé (22)Photo: EA Sports

eSports only on the PS5?

That would be awesome!

Alleged insiders are currently claiming on social media that they have learned that EA Sports “Fifa” as professional online games (ie for eSports) only wants to offer the Playstation 5 version.

If the rumor really turns out to be true, EA Sports could face great adversity from the eSports scene and also from tournament organizers. So far, both Xbox and Playstation players have been able to take part in tournaments and even compete against each other in finals beyond the respective platform.

Ultimate team

Adjustments are also waiting for the players in the online game mode “Fifa Ultimate Team” (FUT). The popular Weekend League will get less than 30 games in the future, and the rewards there will also be reorganized: the higher your own rank, the better the kickers that can be allocated.

With the FUT Heroes EA Sports also announced new legendary players to be added to the game. With Mario Gomez and Lars Ricken, two German player legends are among the heroes, including Robbie Keane (England) and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Norway).

Fifa 22 will be available for all major platforms

“Fifa 22” will be available for all major platformsPhoto: EA Sports


The biggest plus of “Fifa” were and are official licenses for the most important leagues and clubs in the world. In “Fifa 22”, the Bundesliga 1 & 2 will be there with all teams, stadiums and jerseys. The same basically applies to all other relevant international leagues from the English Premiere League to the Spanish La Liga to Major League Soccer from the USA. Also the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and the new Super Cup are playable.

PS4 becomes PS5

As with “Fifa 21”, EA Sports is also offering one this time free upgrade to everyone who initially buys the Playstation 4 version because they may not have received a 5 series yet. The same goes for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

When does it start?

The day of the kick-off is certain: The makers of EA Sports have it October 1 chosen as the official launch day. The game will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Switch (Legacy Edition), Stadia and PC. The standard edition is expected to cost 69.99 or 79.99 euros.