Stars of Electronics campaign has started at MediaMarkt!

The address of all your electronic needs, from smart phones to small home appliances, from laptops to televisions. MediaMarktOpportunities continue unabated.

MediaMarkt, which increases the number of its products with special offers and does not neglect to offer various opportunities, meets the consumers with different campaigns and unique services. Finally, it offers to consumers at certain times of the year. Stars of Electronics MediaMarkt’launched its campaign.

Stars of Electronics at MediaMarkt

The Stars of Electronics campaign of MediaMarkt, which aims to bring electronic products to users at affordable prices, has started. From smart phones to coffee machines, from tablets to televisions, the trust you are looking for in electronics between 24-27 June is the expert of the job. MediaMarktIt will be in . Some of the products that stand out during the campaign are as follows:

Lenovo M300 laptop

The Lenovo M300, which has managed to attract the attention of gamers with its performance, gets its power from AMD’s Ryzen 7-5800H processor. The 14-inch laptop, which uses the internal graphics processing unit, comes with a 16 GB RAM option. Moreover, users who purchase because of the Stars of Electronics campaign receive Lenovo M300 mouse and Office 365 software for 1 year. You can click here to purchase the product.

Samsung Galaxy days at MediaMarkt

Within the scope of MediaMarkt’s Samsung Galaxy days, you can take advantage of the opportunity of 3 interest-free installments with Denizbank credit or buy now, pay 3 months later, on selected Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. For example, in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can take advantage of this opportunity and have a smartphone that meets 2022 standards. Click here to view the details.

TCL 109 Display Smart Android UHD LED TV

Smart TVs are getting more and more common every day. TCL 43P615 43 TV if he has, 4K UHD screen and AndroidThanks to the features it brings, it is one of the most ambitious models. You can find all the features of the product at attractive prices here.

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