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In the midst of the worsening crypto winter following the recent crisis, this altcoin is shining. The blockchain ecosystem has shown time and again that it can bring huge brands into the Web3 world. Especially the agreements he made with Meta, Starbucks and Disney made a lot of noise.

Meta, Disney and more have partnered with this blockchain

The Polygon blockchain continues to grow. Especially recently, NFT avatars of Instagram users have been put a lot. It was also noteworthy that Starbucks created an NFT-focused loyalty rewards program. Then Reddit popped up on the network with the idea of ​​unique NFT avatars. Famous sportswear brand Nike has joined Polygon for their apparel NFTs. The ecosystem also has an NFT collection partnership with Disney.

As we have reported as; In addition, all these developments increase the price of the project’s altcoin MATIC. Polygon Studios and CEO Ryan Wyatt describe the first results of these projects. Reddit has recently created over 3 million Polygon wallets so its users can get a free NFT avatar.

Polygon keeps growing

Wyatt joined Polygon Studios in February. He is known to have extremely technical knowledge in his field. Plus, Wyatt has traditional web and brand experience to match with Web3-savvy creators. Overall, he says he sees the need to bring more people together:

With Web2 companies, the impact is greater and the implications are always greater for these partners because they are the first to navigate the space. That’s why they act very strategically while doing this. They want to talk about it. This is a slightly different experience than others.

Wyatt states that understanding the Web3 vision is the gateway to the future. Wyatt mentions that experienced names will come together and make this area more livable.

After the meta, did Polygon stand out from the other competitors?

It is growing with the adoption of giant brands such as Polygon, Meta, Disney, Starbucks. But Wyatt points out what the Studios team sees as an advantage over competing scaling solutions like Immutable X and Arbitrum:

Whatever it is that we do, it is something others will repeat over time. I think we’re taking advantage of the moment.

But brand printing can also provide network effects that persuade other companies to develop Polygon. Wyatt points to the upcoming zkEVM scaling technology. He reassures developers that they “can be on Polygon protocols forever.” He also notes that there is a growing consensus about Ethereum as the platform on which most Web3 users and developers are firmly established. However, he believes Polygon provides a way for brands to initiate large-scale projects in this ecosystem.

How did the Polygon mesh grow so fast?

Wyatt did not share any new details about the plans of its leading partners. However, he did comment on some of his attempts. He described Meta’s plan to unlock the NFT edition for Instagram’s estimated two billion users as a “looking forward” move. He then notes that Starbucks’ original rewards program was already “ahead of its time.” Wyatt stated that he is a game developer himself.

Wyatt announced plans to support NFT marketplace Magic Eden, Polygon NFTs, and launch several new game projects built on blockchain. He states that the FTX crisis did not affect Web3. He also does not believe that it will directly affect brands that want to try:

Ultimately, most of these things are resolved in a decentralized world. If you think about where these problems are, these are centralized exchanges and intermediaries on the Web3, right? When you start to see a decentralized, easier to use and built world, I think you get away from all that stuff.

Wyatt suggests that the brand momentum continues, hinting at more partners to come:

Ultimately, what you have to hold us accountable for is bringing a billion people to Web3,” he said, “and I think we’re going to do that in many different ways.”

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