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Spotify has revealed how many subscribers it has as of the end of 2022 and how much money it has made in the last three months. The statements made reveal that the peak in the number of subscribers has been reached, but despite this, losses have been incurred.

One of the most popular online music and podcast platforms in the world. Spotifypublished its financial situation report for the last quarter of 2022. The published report is on the Spotify front. that your faces are smiling it reveals. Because, leaving behind a very good year, Spotify announced that it has 205 million paid subscribers. Thus, for the first time in the world, a music and podcast platform, 200 million subscribers has exceeded its limit.

When we look at Spotify’s statements, we see that the number of paid subscribers on an annual basis. 14 percent increase we see it happening. The number of monthly active users of the platform increased by 20 percent to 489 million. Spotify management, while making a statement for the previous quarter, estimated its year-end estimates to be 202 million paid subscribers and 479 million monthly active users. Official results, Spotify’s exceeded your expectations is showing.

Although the number of active users has increased, the loss has been done!

Spotify’s financials report for the last quarter of 2022 shows that the platform has improved in the last three months. He revealed that he lost 231 million euros. Actually, this was expected. However, even this figure paints an optimistic picture. Because Spotify thought it would lose 300 million euros for this quarter. Meanwhile; the total amount of money entering the company’s coffers 3.16 billion euros Let me also point out.


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Spotify focused on growth, not profit, in the last quarter. This allows the company to focus on new features and services, naturally. to spend more money led to Of course, this will have a natural consequence. on Spotify mass dismissal will make.


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